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weekly meal prep

is your hectic schedule getting in the way of eating quality, home-cooked meals? are you suffering from food allergies and don't know how to plan balanced allergy-friendly meals?  with fresh picked daisy, you can have home-cooked, customized, delicious meals without all the hassle.  at the end of each cook-day, you will be left with a fridge full of freshly-prepared meals and a sparkling kitchen.  also available on a bi-weekly basis. 

dinner parties


for those of you who love to entertain, fresh picked daisy lets you relax and enjoy an exquisite dinner (either multi-course or family-style) that you and your friends will love.  i create a customized seasonal menu, do all the grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, serving and cleaning.  the restaurant-quality meals are all served on your dishware in the luxury of your home. i'm here to take the hassle and stress out of hosting. 

gift certificates

gift certificates are available for those who really deserve a special treat.  great for new mothers, those recovering from surgery, or those who are experiencing sudden life-changes.   


*all services start at $425 + groceries. 

contact me for more information.

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