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daisy's story

i found my love of cooking at a young age when i decided to become a vegetarian at age 9.  as the only vegetarian in the family i took it upon myself to experiment in the kitchen.  while i initially became vegetarian because of my compassion for animals, i later learned that plant-based eating had numerous other benefits including health, sustainability, and improved energy.  

in 2010, i got the idea of sharing my natural gift of cooking with the world.  i started cooking for my busy clientele in 2011 part-time and by mid-2012, my business grew to be a full-time endeavor.  based in the silicon valley and then in san francisco, my client base consisted mostly of busy tech executives and their families. during this time, i was recognized as a trusted partner in the lives of many families, taking on the burden of healthful meal planning, shopping and cooking.  my clients then had the time to turn their attention to the people and endeavors they love the most.  


in 2016, i moved my residence to los angeles, where i cook for busy families, celebrities, and other high-profile clientele. i am one of the most trusted personal chefs in the los angeles area for my delicious customized cuisines, passion for the vegan lifestyle, and friendly personality. 


i have been a california resident my entire life and i am thankful that i live in an area that has bountiful, beautiful, fresh produce year-round.  in my spare time, you can find me volunteering with animals, walking around my neighborhood, and experimenting in the kitchen with new ingredients. 

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