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green and purple kale salad w/baked tempeh, raw seasonal vegetables, mixed nuts and seeds w/lemon-tahini dressing

chipotle-spiced cauliflower lettuce wraps w/tangy lime-cilantro coleslaw and avocado

zucchini-noodle pesto pasta with chickpeas and fresh seasonal vegetables


roasted cauliflower steaks topped with kale-basil pesto, sundried tomatoes, olives, pignoli


roasted bell peppers stuffed w/quinoa, black beans, corn, topped with fresh salsa and avocado


cauliflower fried rice with sesame tofu, mixed seasonal vegetables and cashews


roasted portabella mushrooms stuffed with white beans, red peppers, and olives topped with basil pesto


black bean, sweet potato, and seasonal vegetable chili topped w/cilantro and avocado

*when possible, local, organic, and seasonal produce will be used

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