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"I'm a strict omnivore, but I was thoroughly impressed by the variety of flavours and textures in Daisy's vegan fare. She took my food preferences into account and tailored a fantastic meal to my tastes. It was delicious, nutritious, filling and abundant.

- Harley C, on Yelp

"We had Daisy prepare a dinner for a small private dinner. She has a very warm personality with a can do attitude. She is a very talented chef. I recommend her to anyone looking for healthy, fresh, yummy meals either for parties or home. I am definitely requesting her to come back to cook for us."

- Sushma P, on Yelp

"I found Daisy when I was looking for a personal chef to stock our fridge with food once every 2-3 weeks.  Even though my husband and I aren't vegetarian and we definitely weren't looking for a vegetarian chef, when I talked to Daisy on the phone, I knew she was definitely the right chef for us because of her obvious passion for food and her deep interest in understanding our food preferences.  We plan to continue to have her about every 2-3 weeks; for the first 5 days after she cooks we primarily eat vegetarian meals from what she has cooked, then we start using some of the remaining foods as side dishes with meat and fish that we grill.  I definitely recommend Daisy for any palate, vegetarian or not."

- Jennifer P, on Yelp

"I have NEVER had vegan food that I enjoyed as much as Daisy's food. I've been to Real Food Daily and other popular vegan restaurants yet her food is by far the best!
I love the fact that it's really savory and flavorful. I would recommend her to host any of your events!"

- Amanpreet K, on Yelp

"I LOVE having Daisy as our personal chef! My husband and I and our two kids (12 & 9) decided to try a vegan diet.  Daisy sends us a list of dishes to choose from every week. We decide as a family what we would like to eat for the week and then Daisy comes to our home and works her magic. The dishes are delicious and most importantly nutritious (my fear in eating vegan was that we wouldn't get all the nutrients we need and Daisy makes sure we do).  My kids love it when Daisy is at our house when they come home from school. She has a lovely personality and they love hanging out with her and chatting (I have to admit that I do, too). I have to say that it is fabulous to have my refrigerator stocked with yummy dishes for the week and a clean kitchen to go along with it!! I highly recommend Daisy!!"

- Jenny U, on Yelp 

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