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how it works


first, contact me at the "contact" page or directly at  once we've emailed (or chatted on the phone), and it seems like we'll be a good fit for each other, we can set up a free in-home consultation.  i will bring two forms with me or i will email two forms to you. one is the "client information form" and the other is the "client taste preference and allergy form."  you will not need to fill out anything after the two forms. we will then set up a cook-date.  after that, i will send you a list of dishes that i have customized depending on your taste, allergies, and the season.  you choose a set amount of mains/sides and send your choices back to me.  on the cook-date, I will go grocery shopping, come to your residence with my supplies, unload, cook, package your meals, and leave your kitchen sparkling clean!  you will have easy to heat, customized meals in your fridge with a menu on the counter.  it's very easy. i get pride in taking the burden of meal planning/prepping off my my busy clients' shoulders. fresh, seasonal, personalized meals are all prepped in your fridge - nothing to worry about! 

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